TRIJICON ACOG 1.5x16 Scope, Red Ring & Dot Reticle w/ Special Ring Short Housing (TA26SR-10)

Vendor: Trijicon



Wrapped in a smaller package, at four and half ounces, the TRIJICON ACOG 1.5x16 Scope, Red Ring and Dot Reticle w/ Special Ring Short Housing (TA26SR-10) is perfect for fast-moving tactical teams operating in close quarters or for speed-oriented competition venues.

This very compact model provides weapons like the M16/M4 with excellent fire control capability. Targets are easier and quicker to acquire through the 1.5x16 model because of the larger field of view (7.4 degrees) and eye-friendly design.

The Trijicon ACOG Scope incorporates the innovative Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC). This revolutionary, both-eyes-open aiming method provides you with "instinctive" target acquisition and increased hit potential. And, the scope's ranging is built into many of its reticles, so you only need to set zero once for a multitude of ranging distances.

Broad-band, anti-reflective coated lenses provide superior clarity and light gathering capabilities with zero distortion. The ACOG also offers large Eye Volume, giving you greater leeway - fore and aft, and from side to side - with which to see through the lens. Of course, once the target is acquired, the ACOG is a trusted ally to help you zero in on a perfect shot.

The ACOG is crafted with a tough, military-grade, aluminum-alloy housing and is waterproof to depths of 100 feet - making it nearly indestructible. Only the prism housing moves, so it's much more rugged than conventional designs. And the ACOG does not require failure-prone batteries - so you can rely on it to perform in practically every situation.

  • ACOG delivers increased hit potential in all lighting conditions - without the use of failure-prone batteries
  • Trijicon fiber optics automatically adjust the brightness level and contrast of the Trijicon reticle to available light conditions
  • Trijicon tritium-phosphor lamp aiming reticle glows in lowlight conditions for quick target acquisition. Lamp is guaranteed to illuminate up to 15 years
  • Internally adjustable since only the prism housing moves, the Trijicon ACOG is much more rugged than conventional designs
  • Large eye volume allows you to quickly acquire targets, even if you're not positioned perfectly behind the scope
  • Manual brightness override easily adjust the Trijicon aiming point brightness to your personal preference
  • Adjuster cap retention lanyard wires crimped to caps to secure to unit
  • Military-grade aluminum-alloy housing provides for a nearly indestructible sighting system
  • Waterproof to 100 feet/30 meters. Dry-nitrogen filled to eliminate fogging
  • Special Ring Short Housing
  • Red Ring and Dot Reticle
  • Matte Black Finish
  • 15-Year Warranty on Tritium
  • Trijicon Limited Lifetime Warranty
  Magnification     1.5x  
  Objective Size, mm     16  
  Eye Relief, mm     61  
  Exit Pupil, mm     10.7  
  Field of View, degree     7.4°  
  Field of View @ 100 yards, ft     39.0  
  Adjustment @ 100 yds (clicks/in)     2  
  Reticle     Red Ring and Dot  
  Day Reticle Color     Red  
  Night Reticle Color     Red  
  Length, in     4.0  
  Weight, oz     4.5  
  • TRIJICON ACOG 1.5x16 Scope, Red Ring and Dot Reticle w/ Special Ring Short Housing (TA26SR-10)
  • Compact ACOG Scopecoat
  • Lenspen
  • Trijicon Logo Sticker
  • Manual
  • 15-Year Warranty on Tritium
  • Trijicon Limited Lifetime Warranty