PULSAR Digisight N550 Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope (PL76316)

Vendor: Pulsar



The PULSAR Digisight N550 Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope (PL76316) is a lightweight waterproof night vision riflescope useful for target acquisition and precise aiming in low-light conditions. The CCD sensor features 50 lp/mm resolution. Using the integrated IR illuminator, this riflescope will deliver contrast-rich images in low light. Use the IR illumination device to paint the field of view with infrared light, maximizing situational awareness and extending the visible range of your weapon sight. For situations where increased light sensitivity is required, the Digisight features SumLight technology that increases CCD array sensitivity.

The Digisight N550 has several switchable pre-loaded reticles of various shapes. Operators can also upload additional reticle shapes via the mini-USB port and even design their own reticle using free downloadable software. Reticle Inversion function provides operator with the option to toggle the reticle color between white and black to enhance contrast against various targets. The 5.5 degree angle of view is ideal for short and mid-range engagements where maintaining situational awareness is essential to mission success.

This configuration of the Digisight features a shuttered eyecup and low profile design, allowing an operator to maintain covert posture in hostile environme nts. For surveillance, terrain navigation, and general observation an external power supply can be used instead of batteries and an external remote control duplicates activation functions like IR illuminator and reticle inversion. This IP44-compliant image intensification device is engineered to perform in a range of conditions, including inclement weather and light shock.

  • Digital Main Menu
  • Manufacturing Employs Carbon Plastic and other Modern Technologies
  • Flip up Objective Lens Cover
  • Self contained and External Power Supply
  • Video Input / Video Output
  • Built in IR Illuminator with Shield Blind
  • Separate Adjustment of Brightness and Contrast
  • User Choice of the Display's Glow Color
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Fine Image Quality and Resolution
  • Highly Sensitive CCD Array
  • User Choice of the Reticle Shapes
  • Switchable Sum Light Signal Processing Program
  • Mini USB Slot for Downloading into the Device's Memory Additional Aiming Reticles of User's Own Configuration
  • Water Resistance
  • One Shot Zeroing
  • Large Eye Relief (67 mm)
  • Built In and External Power Supply
  • Built in Clock
  • High Contrast Function
  • Resistant to Bright Light Exposure
  • Accurate Internal Front Lens Focus Adjustment
  • Ergonomic Design and Intuitive Easy to Use Interface
  • Remote Control with Secure Attachment
  • Additional Weaver MIL STD 1913 Rail for Accessories
  Generation     Digital  
  Magnification     4.5x  
  Objective Lens Diameter, mm     50  
  Field of View, degrees     5.2°  
  Eye Relief, mm     67  
  Exit Pupil, mm     6  
  Built-In IR Flashlight, type     LED  
  Wavelength of IR Flashlight, nm     810  
  Resolution, lines per mm     50  
  Max. detection range, m *     450  
  Diopter Setting, D     3.5  
  Close-Up Range, m     5 to infinity  
  Power Supply, V     6 (4 x AA)  
  Input Power Supply, V     DC 3.7-6  
  Water intrusion rating (IEC 60529)     IP46  
  Operating Temperature     -10 / +35 °C  
  Dimensions, mm     340 x 95 x 94  
  Operating time (w/out / with IR), hrs     12 / 9  

* - in normal nighttime conditions - 0.05 lux (quarter moon), m