PENTAX 50mm Sunshade, Matte (89574)

Vendor: Pentax



The PENTAX 50mm Sunshade, Matte (89574) is a crucial accessory for protecting your scope from bumps or knocks and keeping your sight picture as flare-free as possible.

Professional photographers are known for always using sunshades on their lenses and the same principals for using them apply to any optics user. Stray light can cause unwanted flare. Flare reduces contrast and subsequently a diminished sight picture results. With the addition of a sunshade on your riflescope you are sure to be as flare-free as possible, in any lighting conditions.

This Pentax shade is 3" long, made of durable lightweight aluminum, and has a matte finish. It fits all Pentax riflescopes with a 50mm objective lens.

  • Excellent accessory for protecting your rifle scope lens as well as reducing flare
  • Fits all Pentax rifles with a 50mm objective lens
  • 3" length
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum
  • Matte Black Finish
  • PENTAX 50mm Sunshade, Matte (89574)