PELTOR Optime 105 NRR 30 dB Over the Head Earmuff with Headband (H10A)

Vendor: Peltor



Peltor is the leading consumer brand of safety products in North America. Today, the extensive Peltor line offers the broadest selection of personal safety products for shooters and hunters available anywhere. All Peltor products offer exceptional quality and performance. By incorporating the latest technological advances, materials and designs, their products are among the most comfortable in the industry.

Peltors OPTIME line of muffs incorporates all the acoustic engineering, wearer-focused comfort design, and performance versatility that has made Peltor the leading name in earmuff protectors for over 50 years. Feature for feature, its the best of the bests.

MULTI-POSITION DESIGNS are available in headband, neckband, helmet-attachable and folding models to meet virtually every application need and wearer preference. LIQUID & FOAM FILLED CUSHIONS and broad, soft rings are the ultimate for a better seal (even with eyewear) and better comfort. PADDED WIDE HEADBAND WITH FOUR-POINT STEEL SUSPENSION BAND cushions head while suspension distributes pressure for extra comfort and fits most facial profi les. Stainless steel construction resists bending and warping. EARCUP PIVOT-POINTS allow wearers to tilt and adjust earcups for optimum comfort and efficiency.

The OPTIME LINE is divided by protection levels 95, 98, 101 and 105 dBA. All you have to do is match the Optime number to the assessed noise level* of an individuals work area (see back page). For example, if an areas noise level can reach up to (without exceeding) 98 dBA, the right muff for a worker would be the Optime 98.

Developed for the ultimate protection in the most demanding noise environments, the PELTOR Optime 105 NRR 30 dB Over the Head Earmuff with Headband (H10A) features added mass and volume, plus a unique double-shell earcup design (two cups connected via a foam inner layer to reduce structural resonances) to provide the maximum in noise reduction throughout the full range of low and high frequencies.

  • Multi-Position Design
  • Liquid & Foam Filled Cushions
  • Padde Wide Headband With Four-Point Steel Suspension Band Cushions
  • Earcup Pivot-Points
  • PELTOR Optime 105 NRR 30 dB Over the Head Earmuff with Headband (H10A)