Vendor: North American Arms



The new NORTH AMERICAN ARMS Belt Buckle Holster (BBE-L) has been re-designed to work with any of the North American birds head style grips and no longer requires the aluminum grips. The belt buckle holster will only accept the NAA-22LR (1 1/8" Barrel).

Changes to the buckle include a retaining lug which is located on the right (facing) side of the buckle, into which the tip of the barrel inserts, a magnet has been embedded in the back of the buckle, and the push button release has been replaced with a retaining clip which rotates counter clockwise to cover the side plate.

Attach this belt buckle to your favorite belt and you'll feel comfortable knowing that you are protected by one of North American Arms Convienent...Reliable...Effective Firearms when and if the need exists.

  • Custom Carry Belt Buckle-Enclosed
  • 1 1/8" Barrel Only
  • Secure Clip Release
  • Fits Long Rifles Only
  • Fits Belts 1" to 1 1/2" Wide