NIGHT OPTICS USA IR-K2 ELR Pro IR Illuminator 830nm (NA-IRI-0K2)

Vendor: Night-Optics-USA



The Night Optics USA IR-K2 Extra Long Distance IR Illuminator, 805 nm (NA-IRI-0K2) is our best selling and all-around best performing IR Illuminator. With simple controls and versatile mounting capabilities, the K2 Pro is an excellent companion to any night vision device

The IR K2 Pro features a focusable beam, 3 position variable power switch (Adjustable in 50% increments | 50%; Off; 100%) and windage/elevation adjustment which allows you to Zero the device.

The K2 Pro mounts easily to night vision or CCD devices or can be hand-held. Ideal aid for extreme low light conditions. Significantly extends capabilities of weapon sights, observation devices and photographic equipment.

Because the performance of any night vision or low-light CCD device is dependent on ambient light, magnification, atmospheric transparency, and contrast between the target and its background, addition of the right IR Illuminator can significantly enhance visual acuity and extend detection ranges.