MESA-TACTICAL Urbino Tactical Stock Black Riser, Benelli M4 (91470)

Vendor: Mesa-Tactical



The MESA-TACTICAL Urbino Tactical Stock Black Riser, Benelli M4 (91470) is a fixed-length shotgun stock made from injection-molded glass-filled nylon. Developed to meet the needs of law enforcement and military operators, the rugged Urbino Tactical shotgun stock features a tactical 12.5" length of pull (LoP), soft urethane rubber grip, optional Limbsaver butt pad, optional adjustable cheek riser and a variety of flexible sling mounting options.

The Urbino Tactical shotgun stock is also comfortable, thus reducing operator fatigue, especially during prolonged training and qualification sessions. The urethane rubber grip is padded at the rear to reduce recoil impact against the web of the operator's hand, and the optional Limbsaver buttpad substantially reduces felt recoil.

The field-adjustable cheek riser was developed to provide superior cheek weld when using optics. The cheekpiece snaps onto rails molded into the sides of specially equipped Urbino stock armatures. In the event of optics failure, the cheek riser can be quickly removed or readjusted to a lower level. Specially developed SureShell shotshell carriers can be fitted to the cheek riser. While rail-equipped Urbino stocks can be used without the cheekpiece, cheek risers cannot be fitted to stocks that do not have the rails.

All Urbino Tactical shotgun stocks include Benelli-style rear sling loops for 1.25" sling webbing. In addition, a hole at the lower rear of the stock accepts QD style sling swivels (not included). Urbino Tactical shotgun stocks can also be fitted with any of a variety of optional steel pocket sling mounts similar to those offered for our Remington telescoping stock adapters. Pocket sling loops, hook loops and push-button sling swivel mounts that fit securely between the Urbino stock and the shotgun receiver.

  • Fits Benelli M4
  • Made from injection-molded glass-filled nylon
  • Reduced length of pull to increase operator comfort
  • Urethane rubber grip and Limbsaver buttpad reduce felt recoil
  • All stocks include a Benelli style 1.25" rear sling loops
  • Adjustable cheek riser provides improved sighting when using optics and is field adjustable
  • Rail equipped stocks can be used without the cheek riser
  • SureShell shotshell carriers can be used on the cheek riser
  • Stock will work with pocket sling adaptors
  • Matte Black Finish