MAKO Tru-Dot Sight, Glock 20, 21, 29, 30, Green/Yellow (10222Y)

Vendor: Mako/Meprolight



The MAKO Tru-Dot Sight, Glock 20, 21, 29, 30, Green/Yellow (10222Y) is up to 20% brighter than other tritium sights. The front dot is slightly brighter than the rear sight to help the shooter focus on the target. Light tubes are sealed with a patented bonding process that makes them impervious to solvents and oils.

Meprolight cooperates directly with weapon manufacturers to design and produce self-illuminated tritium night sights for all popular brands of pistols, revolvers, rifles shotguns and submachine-guns in use today. Tru-Dot models offer a handgun sighting system for improved rapid instinctive aiming, which requires no transitions from day to night use. No wonder Meprolight's tritium sights are found on more handguns worldwide than any other brand.

  • Self Illuminated light source - no batteries or switches, always ready when you need it
  • Operates under all weather conditions
  • The brightest night sight available today
  • Totally integrated day/night sighting
  • Maintenance free
  • Can be mounted directly with no weapon modifications
  • Tests by marksmen show an increase of over 85% in hit capability
  • Used by Military and Law Enforcement
  Fits     Glock 20,21,29,30  
  Finish/Color     Green/Yellow  
  Model     Tru-Dot  
  Size     Sight