LEUPOLD Mark 4 Bases - Rem 700 SA 1-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte (59235)

Vendor: Leupold



Large caliber rifles are becoming more and more popular with today's shooters. Mounting large riflescopes on these firearms with conventional 6-48 screws is not ideal, as the increased recoil and scope weight can over stress screws and lead to possible failures. More rugged, 8-40 screws increase mount strength by 41%, and are fast becoming necessary equipment on larger caliber rifles.

The LEUPOLD Mark-4 Base - Rem 700 SA 1-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte (59235) is the first mount that can accommodate both the beefy 8-40 screw and a modified 6-48 shoulder screw. This mounting system features larger through holes that accept the thicker 8-40 screw, and the standard 6-48 screw has been replaced by a shoulder screw to work with the larger opening. This will give you the flexibility to mount your rifle with the common 6-48 screw size, or drill and tap your gun to accept the 8-40 screws.

The Mark-4 Bases are covered by Leupold's Full Lifetime Guarantee.

SKU# Model
Mark-4 Bases
52136 AR15/M16 Handle Mount Matte
54265 CQ/T Flat Top Rail Mount Matte
57506 CQ/T Throw Lever Mount Matte
59230 Rem 700 2-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte
59235 Rem 700 SA 1-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte
65970 Rem 700 LA/Super Mag Long Range 1-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte
59240 Win 70 2-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte
59255 Win 70 SA Long Range 1-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte
59250 Win 70 LA Long Range 1-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte
59245 Savage 10/110 Round Rcvr 2-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte
Mark-4 34mm Rings
59320 High Matte
59310 Super High Matte
Mark-4 30mm Rings
61049 Medium Matte
57398 Medium (Aluminum) Matte
60699 High Matte
57291 High (Aluminum) Matte
60750 Super High Matte
57555 Super High (Aluminum) Matte
Mark-4 1-Inch Rings
60595 Medium Matte
57524 Medium (Aluminum) Matte
60019 Super High Matte
57526 Super High (Aluminum) Matte
Mark-4 Cross Slot
49965 Medium Gloss
  • Mark-4 8-40 Adaptable Mounts will accept 6-48 shoulder screws and 8-40 screws
  • Both 6-48 shoulder screws and 8-40 screws are included (6-48 shoulder screws are stronger than standard 6-48 screws). 8-40 screws are 41% stronger than standard 6-48 screws
  • These bases will fit Winchester PBR, Remington Super Magnum, HS Precision, and other 8-40 rifles without modification
  • Some firearms will not work with these adaptable mounts - check current offerings for details
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee