LEUPOLD Mark 4 30mm Rings - High (Aluminum) Matte (57291)

Vendor: Leupold



The LEUPOLD Mark-4 30mm Rings - High (Aluminum) Matte (57291) provide a secure and repeatable mounting solution for fitting a riflescope with a 30mm main-tube to the receiver of your rifle.

These rings are manufactured from aluminum. They are a lighter weight alternative to the standard Mark-4 mounting rings that are made of steel. When you're trying to keep the weight of your gear to a minimum, every ounce counts!

The Leupold Mark-4 Rings have a cross bolt design and are held firmly in place by a through bolt that fits into a slot in the Leupold QRW scope mounts or any other Picatinny or Weaver style mounting rails. Each ring has four bolts to securely hold the scope from movement on high recoil rifles.

The Mark-4 30mm Rings are covered by Leupold's Full Lifetime Guarantee.

SKU# Model
Mark-4 Bases
52136 AR15/M16 Handle Mount Matte
54265 CQ/T Flat Top Rail Mount Matte
57506 CQ/T Throw Lever Mount Matte
59230 Rem 700 2-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte
59235 Rem 700 SA 1-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte
65970 Rem 700 LA/Super Mag Long Range 1-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte
59240 Win 70 2-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte
59255 Win 70 SA Long Range 1-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte
59250 Win 70 LA Long Range 1-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte
59245 Savage 10/110 Round Rcvr 2-pc (8-40 Adaptable) Matte
Mark-4 34mm Rings
59320 High Matte
59310 Super High Matte
Mark-4 30mm Rings
61049 Medium Matte
57398 Medium (Aluminum) Matte
60699 High Matte
57291 High (Aluminum) Matte
60750 Super High Matte
57555 Super High (Aluminum) Matte
Mark-4 1-Inch Rings
60595 Medium Matte
57524 Medium (Aluminum) Matte
60019 Super High Matte
57526 Super High (Aluminum) Matte
Mark-4 Cross Slot
49965 Medium Gloss
  • Rugged aluminum alloy construction
  • Designed for riflescopes with a 30mm main tube
  • Compatible with Picatinny/Weaver style mounting rails
  • High Mounting Height (1.06")
  • Matte Black Finish
  • Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee