LaserMax Uni Rail Mounted Laser Sight (LMS-UNI-GVP)

Vendor: LaserMax


  • Highest visibility in ALL lighting conditions; pulsating green laser
  • Versatile: Uni-Max Green pulsating laser fits on virtually any Picatinny rail from pistols to rifles to shotguns
  • Tested durabilty, low profile and lightweight design makes this laser the better option over some cheaper and bulkier designs available
  • Easily installed: The Momentary Activation Switch(MAS) gives you the option of putting activation at your fingertips without taking your hand off your rifle to reach forward for manual activation
  • Streamlined: The MantaRail Momentary Cord Control System solves that persistant issue of cords falling off the rifle because the adhesive got wet or old and lost its adhesion
  • Clips keep cords in place: MantaClips (three provided) grab onto any extra cord that's dangling or protruding and simply tucks it up close to the rail and clips it in place - and out of the way!
  • Maintains alignment after every battery change
  • Includes: MantaRail momentary switch control system, MantaClips system, Momentary switch and Uni-Max Green rail mounted laser
  • Black finish
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  Laser Wavelength, nm     532nm (Green)  
  Power Output, mW     5mW  
  MAS     6" Straight Cord  
  Spot Size     5/16" @ 7 Yds;
  3/4" @ 25 Yds  
  Battery Type     1/3N Lithium (2)  
  Battery Life     1 hour  
  Accuracy     User-Adjusted for Windage & Elevation  
  Weight (w/ batteries), oz     1.0