LaserMax Glock Guide Rod Laser Sight (LMS-G4-17G)

Vendor: LaserMax


  • Green guide rod laser for Glock 17 Generation 4
  • Completely internal! Keep your current holster for your GLOCK, keep your tactical lights, keep your favorite grips
  • Extremely rugged: Meets or exceeds both Mil-Spec and Homeland Security durability test standards (drop tests, blowing sands, temperature and humidity extremes, salt water fog, deep water immersion, 20,000+ rounds live fire)
  • Hi-Visibility Pulsing Beam: A pulsing laser beam gives effortless awareness of muzzle and transcends language barriers. It can be used outdoors from dusk until dawn or indoors around the clock
  • Alignment: All Guide Rod Lasers come pre-aligned from the factory at 20 yards. It will never come out of alignment and there is no need to re-zero after battery changes
  • Accuracy: As close to the bore of a GLOCK as possible, positioning allows for the closest and most consistent relationship between your point of aim and point of impact (POA/POI) over all shooting distances
  • Turn it on: Ambidextrous Controlled Activation in the custom take-down lever that very closely resembles the factory GLOCK take-down lever
  • Installation takes minutes: If you can field strip your GLOCK, you can install your LaserMax Guide Rod Laser sight-no gunsmithing to your GLOCK required
  • LaserMax Green Guide Rod lasers. High performance has never come with such a high degree of reliability
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  Wavelength, nm     532 nm (Green)  
  Power Output, mW     <5mW  
  Accuracy (20 Yards)     ±2" POA  
  Batteries     LMS-3x393 (Silver Oxide)  
  Temperature Range, deg     -4°–140° F