H&K Universal LEM Kit (260204)

Vendor: Hk



The new H&K Universal LEM Kit (260204) is made for USP, USPC and HK45, HK45C pistols. The kit also fits the recently released HK45c and HK45 Pistols.

This kit will enable you to convert your V1-V10 HK Pistol to the LEM Conversion. Each LEM kit includes all of the parts necessary for the light LEM 4.5-5lb trigger pull. As well as the heavy LEM 7.5-8lb trigger pull.

Each kit comes complete in new factory packaging and is factory fresh production direct from HK Germany.

Please note: The LEM kit will not work in the P2000, P2000SK, P30 models and Mark23's.

    Compatible with:

  • H&K USP 9mm
  • H&K USP 40 s&w
  • H&K USP 45 acp
  • H&K USP compact 9mm
  • H&K USP compact 40 s&w
  • H&K USP compact 357 sig
  • H&K USP compact 45 acp
  • H&K USP, USPC & HK45C, HK45 tactical pistols
  • H&K45C
  • H&K45
  • Lem Kit Includes:

  • Hammer
  • Cocking piece
  • Hammer rebound spring
  • Light trigger return spring
  • Heavy trigger return spring
  • Hammer spring (long) for USP, USPC and HK45
  • Hammer spring (short) for the HK45C
  • Sear
  • Hammer Axle (solid)