H&K Jet Funnel Kit for FS USP Pistol (216189)

Vendor: Hk



The H&K Jet Funnel Kit for FS USP Pistol (216189) is easy to install no gunsmith or modifications needed. It takes all Jet funnel magazines. Great for faster reloads and competition shooters. The kit is a must have if you plan on using the extended Jet Funnel magazine upgrades.

Please note: That once the jetfunnel is installed you can only use jetfunnel magazines unless you remove the jet funnel from the magwell. You can swap back and forth at will but the use of std USP magazines with the jetfunnel installed will not be possible.

Fits the USP Full Size 9mm/40 Firearms:

  • H&K USP 9mm
  • H&K USP 40 S&W Pistols