HAWKE LedRay Tactical 500 (LR3526)

Vendor: Hawke



This high performance HAWKE LedRay Tactical 500 (LR3526) combined with sophisticated circuitry is capable of producing an impressive and powerful 180m Beam.

LED's can take a massive amount of punishment. They do not burn out or fail like conventional torch bulbs and are less vulnerable to impact damage if you drop the torch.

The LedRay Tactical 500 can be used with or without stock mounted switch and makes a superb handheld torch in its own right. Easily turn the torch On/Off and adjust the brightness setting whilst securely holding your firearm.

The LedRay 500 has Intelligent Internal Electronics that designed to provide a constant current output extending battery life and maintaining brightness for longer.

This model use either CR123A Lithium Batteries or Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Batteries (both included).

  • 180m Beam
  • Up to 144 hours run time (low setting)
  • World class super bright R5 LED
  • Adjustable Beam (with memory setting)
  • High / Medium / Low / Strobe settings
  • Robust aluminium body
  • Anti-rolling design
  • Anti-shatter lens
  • Removable 'Striking Bezel'
  • Easily attach to a 1 inch or 30mm weapons scope
  • Specially treated aluminium reflector provides flawless beam focus
  • 4 colour filter kit red, amber, green and blue
  • Use either CR123A Lithium Batteries or Rechargeable 18650 Lithium Batteries (both included)
  Beam Distance, m     180  
  Light Duration, hrs     Low - 144
  Medium - 10.5
  High - 2.5  
  Batteries     2 x CR123A (included)  
  Waterproof     Yes  
  Length, in     5.8"  
  Weight, oz     4.2  
  • HAWKE LedRay Tactical 500 (LR3526)
  • Carry Pouch
  • 1" & 30mm Scope Mounts with Torch Mount
  • Remoted Mounted Digital 3-Key Stock Switch
  • 4 Colour Filter Kit
  • 2 x CR123A Batteries
  • Charger Base 1 x 18650 Batteries
  • UK AC Mains Charger