FRABILL Crawler Can (4507)

Vendor: Frabill



The FRABILL Crawler Can (4507) has dual compartments that can accommodate two different types of bait at the same time. The insulated foam liner and watertight quarter-turn lid keep the contents cool and protected while you drive to your favorite fishing hole. For open-water fishing, fill ice in one compartment and bait in the other, and for ice-fishing store baits such as maggots and waxworms in both convenient compartments.

  • Dual compartments for multiple baits
  • Insulated foam liner
  • Watertight quarter-turn lids
  • For open-water fishing:
    - Ideal for nightcrawlers and leeches
    - Store ice in one compartment and bait in the other to maintain cool temperature
    - Holds 2-3 dozen crawlers
  • For ice fishing:
    - Ideal for maggots, waxworms, and small quantities of minnows
    - Store bait on both sides