FOBUS Glock 17,22,31, Ruger 345, Walther 99, Ruger SR9 Roto Tact. Speed Paddle Holster (GLT17RPL)

Vendor: Fobus



This innovative FOBUS Glock 17,22,31, Ruger 345, Walther 99 Full Size 9/40, Ruger SR9 w/ Laser or Light Roto Tact. Speed LH Paddle Holster (GLT17RPL) was created in answer to many requests to provide a carry system that would accommodate a handgun utilizing accessories that were either rail or trigger guard mounted.

Its features lightweight, reinforced polymer construction with thumb break and open holster body design allows any light / laser system. In addition to allowing the carry of handguns that have accessories such as lights or lasers mounted under the barrel or on the trigger guard. Fobus has addressed safety and retention concerns that are unique to this model holster.

The handgun is held securely in place by utilization of a muzzle stud and a safety strap that encircles the trigger guard. While assuring positive retention, rapid presentation of the handgun is made easy due to the open withdrawal slot on the rear of the holster and the design of the safety strap.

  • The unique Fobus Roto Holster system allows the user to utilize a patented locking adjustment system. The user has the ability to customize their cant (angle) with 40 different positions encompassing 360 degrees working for cross-draw, driver, small of the back and strong-side carry.
    • Lightweight compact design
    • Accommodates accessories mounted on frame rails or trigger guards
    • Muzzle stud and leather thumb break provide retention
    • Lightweight, reinforced construction
    • Low profile for concealability
    • Steel reinforced rivet attachment
    • Secure retention by safety strap
    • For a Left Handed Shooter
    • Unique Roto-Holster system allows holster to be adjusted to employ a forward or rearward cant
    • Rotates 360° and adjusts easily for cross draw, bodyguard, driver, small of the back or strong side carry
    • Patented locking adjustment system allows for 40 possible positions
    • Paddle Version
    • Fits: Glock 17, 22, 31, Ruger 345, Walther 99 Full Size 9/40, Ruger SR9 with Laser or Light
    • Fobus Lifetime Warranty
      Type     Roto Holster  
      Series     Roto Tactical Speed Holster  
      Attachment Style     Paddle  
      Hand     Left  
      Gun Fits     Glock 17, 22, 31, Ruger 345, Walther 99 Full Size 9/40, Ruger SR9 with Laser or Light  
      Fitting     Duty, off duty, Concealed carry, Military