FOBUS Double Mag Pouch Paddle Holster 10mm 45 ACP Glock (6945P)

Vendor: Fobus



Made of a unique high-tech injection molded polymer, this FOBUS Double Mag Pouch Paddle Holster 10mm 45 ACP Glock (6945P) offers a fit that is impossible to duplicate with leather or other materials. They offer security and comfort with unbelievable retention. Lightweight and impervious to hot or cold weather, it will provide a lifetime of maintenance-free use.

It has lightweight compact design for maximum comfort. Fobus Passive retention system allows an instinctive and quick draw of the Magazine. The pouch mechanism acts like a spring on the back of the magazine area and holds it firmly in place.

  • Fits: Glock 20/21/29/30, Taurus PT145 All, Para Double Stack
  • Lightweight Compact Design
  • Holds mag allowing quick access
  • Durable and hardwearing polymer construction
  • Rubberized Paddle for extra Stability
  • Constructed for maximum comfort
  • Custom retention and exceptional fit
  • Won't scratch / deform mag
  • Low profile design for concealability
  • No need to oil, doesn't breath or sweat
  • Stands up to the most severe elements and can be washed out with soap and water
  • Steel Reinforced Rivet Attachment
  • Paddle Version
  • Attaches using a rubberized Paddle
  • NTOA member tested and recommended
  • Black Color
  • Fobus Lifetime Warranty
  Type     Standard Pouch  
  Series     Double Magazine Pouch  
  Attachment Style     Paddle  
  Material     Mold injected RX18 Polymer formula  
  Fitting     Duty, off duty, Concealed carry, Military  
  Color     Black