CZ-USA Magazine 40 S&W 9Rd CZ Rami (11754)

Vendor: Cz



The CZ-USA Magazine 40 S&W 9Rd CZ Rami (11754) is the perfect companion for your CZ Pistol. With rapid fire at your fingertips this CZ-USA 40 S&W 9Rd Magazine avoids the continuous reloading process and allows you more shooting time.

Great for tactical maneuvers, competition shooters or just plinking around this CZ-USA Magazine is a blast to shoot. This magazine fits for model CZ 2075 Rami and features 9 rounds capacity.

  • Fits Models CZ 2075 Rami
  • Capacity: 9 rounds
  • Caliber: 40 S&W
  • Material: Steel
  • Blued Finish