CHIP-MCCORMICK CMC 1911 10 Rd. Power Magazine (12150)

Vendor: Chip McCormick Custom



The new stainless steel CHIP-MCCORMICK CMC 1911 10 Rd. Power Magazine (12150) is lean and sleek. It is built to the very highest standards for the no-fail performance competitive and self-defense shooters demand.

Feed lips of the CMC 1911 Power Magazine are roll-formed and polished not die cut for added strength and Chip's follower design provides flawless feeding with semi-wadcutters and hollow points. Powerful spring of proprietary heat-treated Rocket Wire further ensures reliable feeding even when left fully loaded and seated in a pistol for extended periods.

The model features a built-in removable plastic base pad with full front-to-back engagement that withstand continual use and numbered witness holes on both sides of the body providing a fast visible round count.

The CMC 1911 10 Rd. Power Magazine gives you the reliability and confidence to be a winner on your local range or international competition.

  • Fits CMC 1911
  • Capacity: 10 rounds
  • Patent pending follower design which is 100% aluminum frame safe
  • Powerful heat-treated spring guarantees reliable feeding
  • Removable base pad withstands continual use
  • Fast, visible round count with 7 numbered witness holes
  • Adds an extra round to mag
  • Stainless Still Finish
  • Made in USA
  • CHIP-MCCORMICK CMC 1911 10 Rd. Power Magazine (12150)