CAMLOCKBOX Covert MP8 MP6 MP-E5 Security Box 60300

Vendor: Camlockbox


  • Manufactured With All Steel Construction To Provide Exact Camera Fit
  • Baked-On Powder Coat Finish
  • Helps To Protect Your Camera From Natures Elements
  • Stops Animals From Chewing On Your Camera
  • Theft Deterrent - Can Be Lagbolted, Bungeed, Or Belted To The Tree
  • Allows Use Of Padlock Or Python Cable
    Fits DLC Covert MP-E5
    DLC Covert MP6
    DLC Covert MP6 Black
    DLC Covert MP8
    DLC Covert MP8 Black
    DLC Covert MP8 Black Mossy Oak (2953)
    DLC Covert MP8 Black Real Tree (2939)
    DLC Covert MP8 Black Lost Camo (2946)
    DLC Covert MP8 Mossy Oak (2977)
    DLC Covert MP8 Lost Camo (2960)
    DLC Covert MPE6 (2984)