BROWE 4x32 Combat Optic Sight, Red Chevron Reticle, 7.62mm NATO w/ Mount (BCO-002)

Vendor: Browe



The BROWE 4x32 Combat Optic Sight, Red Chevron Reticle, 7.62mm NATO (BCO-002) is a state-of-the-art optic that delivers high-quality optical glass, high precision machining, and a rugged military design. Its unique features put the BCO ahead of its class.

The BCO offers a modern designed combat optic with many unique features, such as Target Light Sensor Technology, Single Intuitive Control (SIC), field programmable BCO Microcontroller and Vibration Sensor - all packaged in a versatile Titanium Housing.

The BCO has a cadmium-sulfide photocell which measures target light levels. What makes the BCO Target Light Sensor Technology unique is that it measures the target light levels and automatically adjusts the brightness to properly contrast the target light.

The mounting a sensor the incoming light and provides greater sensitivity and accuracy of the target light levels. Also, it avoids sensor errors caused from ambient light.

A Single intuitive Control (SiC) gives the user a simple button, designed to simulate muscle memory and expedite manual operation.

In the automatic mode, Target Light Sensor Technology detects and measures the target light passing through the optic and automatically adjusts the reticle illumination to the ideal intensity. The MANUAL mode gives the user a consistent light from the choice of 10 day and 3 night vision settings.

Additionally, if the SiC button is accidentally depressed in a carrying case or storage rack for more than three seconds, the BCO operating program will, by design, revert to Sleep mode, conserving battery life.

The vibration motion sensor conserves battery life by putting the BCO in SLEEP mode if motion is not detected after two hours. The sensor is set to the highest sensitivity, so the slightest vibration would re-start the internal timer. The BCO has an average battery life of 2000 hours; in the Sleep mode, the battery has a life expectancy of over 13,000 hours.

  • Single Intuitive Control (SIC) Button
  • Target Light Sensor Technology
  • Field programmable BCO Microcontroller
  • Vibration Motion Sensor
  • Housing Designed to Accept Accessories
  • Matte Black Finish
Magnification 4x
Entrance Pupil, mm 32
Exit Pupil, mm 8
Eye Relief, mm 37
Length, mm 132 nominal
Width, mm 67 nominal
Field of View
Adjustment at 100yds .5 MOA
Ballistic Compensated 7.62mm / .308 Caliber
Adjustment Internally Adjustable Prism
Reticle Pattern BCO Chevron
Color Day/Night Red
Illumination Source LED
Illumination Source Controlled-Automatic Flash Programmable Microcontroller
Illumination Source Controlled-Manual 10 Days Settings and 3 Night Vision
Housing Material Military Grade Pure Titanium TiCP-2
Water Proof, m/ft. 42 / 130
Fog Proof Filled with Dry Nitrogen
Lens Coatings Broad Band Anti-Reflective Coatings
Battery Life, hrs (Avg.) 2000
Battery Type 123A
Weight, oz 17
  • BROWE 4x32 Combat Optic Sight, Red Chevron Reticle, 7.62mm NATO (BCO-002)
  • Throw Lever Mount for Mil 1913 Rail
  • Lenspen Cleaning Tool
  • Lithium Battery
  • Pelican Storage Case
  • User Manual