BOG GEAR Super Steady Combo: RLD-3, XSR, USR (SSC)

Vendor: BOGgear



The BOG GEAR Super Steady Combo: RLD-3, XSR, USR (SSC) comes with a Red Legged Devil adjustable tripod and two Switcheroo shooting rests. BogGear's proprietary Switcheroo Shooting System enables replacement of either shooting rest with other interchangeable accessories in the Switcheroo system.

The Red Legged Devil Tripod features three-section adjustable aluminum legs and all-terrain rubber feet that unscrew to reveal a carbide tip for enhanced traction on ice. It extends to a standing length of 68", and can get as low as 22" for use in the sitting position. The BogGear Red Legged Devil Tripod has inch markers for simple set up.

The included Universal Shooting Rest and Xtreme Shooting Rest are both designed to help shooters position and stabilize their firearm. The Xtreme Shooting Rest features hook-and-loop straps that secure the firearm to its aluminum base and keep it in a ready firing position. Both shooting rests swivel 360 degrees for maximum coverage and are rubber armored at the points of contact to prevent damage to the firearm stock.

  • The SSC features three of our most popular items in one combo pack
  • All-terrain system for stability
  • Switcheroo Shooting System - Easily switch between accessories in the field using the same platform
  • Universal Shooting Rest swivels 360° and rubber covered to prevent damage to gun stocks
  • Rapid Adjust Locks
  • Matte Black Finish
Material Aluminum
Dimensions Tripod with Universal Shooting Rest: 22 - 68" (56 - 173 cm) adjustable height, 33" (84 cm) when collapsed
Xtreme Shooting Rest: 15.5 x 2" (39 x 5 cm)
Weight, oz Tripod: 36 oz (1 kg)
Universal Shooting Rest: 4 oz (113 g)
Xtreme Shooting Rest: 18 oz (510 g)
  • BOG GEAR Super Steady Combo (SSC)
  • RLD-3 BOG-POD Tripod Style Shooting Stick
  • Universal Shooting Rest
  • Xtreme Shooting Rest
  • Carrying Bag