BLACKHAWK Knoxx Breacher Pistol Grip, Rem 870 12g, Black (K02100-C)

Vendor: BlackHawk!


$34.15 $107.98

Based on the highly efficient SpecOps Stock, the BLACKHAWK Knoxx Breacher Pistol Grip, Rem 870 12g, Black (K02100-C) significantly reduces recoil and is perfect for one-handed operation in close-quarter combat or home defense. This shotgun pistol grip cuts recoil by over 65% and makes firing breaching rounds or heavy-hitting shotgun loads virtually painless.

Thus, with the Breacher Pistol Grip, a compact pistol grip-equipped shotgun can be deployed with relative ease by most users without the fear of painful recoil. Attach a sling, and your shotgun is ready when you need it or out of the way when you don't.

  • Single recoil-compensation system reduces felt recoil by up to 65%
  • Can be fired one-handed or comfortably at awkward angles
  • Compact design for easy storage and close-quarter operation
  • Integrated single-point sling attachment loop
  • Ergonomic pistol grip with integrated non-slip texturing
  • Increased confidence & effectiveness in shotgun Utilization
  • Ideal for tactical entry or home defense shotguns
  • "Super Tough" Polymer and Alloy construction
  • Easy sling installation
  • Black Finish