AZODIN KDII Aurora Purple Paintball Marker KDG2005

Vendor: Azodin


$162.20 $201.45
  • Softer Trigger Pull
  • Shorter Trigger Pull Distance
  • Faster Rate Of Fire
  • Improved Consistency
  • Lower Operating Pressure
  • Direct Threading
  • AZ Adjustable Clamping Feedneck
  • Rock Steady Regulator
  • AZ Profile On/Off ASA
  • Dust & Polished Finish
    Barrel Thread Interchangeable with Autococker
    Feedneck Thread Interchangeable with Ion/ Impulse
    Low Pressure Inline Regulator Standard ASA Thread
    On/Off Bottom ASA Standard Dovetail Mount
    Finish Aurora Purple-Pink
    Barrel Length, in 14" Two-Piece Barrel - Bore .689
    Length, in 20.87"
    Heigth, in 9.45"
    Width, in 1.77"
    Weight, oz 35.34