ARMASIGHT Apollo and CO-MR 46.7-50 mm Mounting System (ANAM000011)

Vendor: Armasight


  • Optional Ring Adapters (for CO-MR and CO-Mini)
  • Different inserts allow to mount unit onto the objective of the day scope without light suppressor
  • Black Finish
  Diameter of the Inserts, mm/  
  Engraving on the Mounts  
  46,7; 48; 48,7–49,00; 49,5; 50  
  Fits     Leupold 3,5–10x40; Leupold VX-II 3–9x40  
  Zeiss 1,5–6x42; Swarovski PV-N 2,5–10x42  
  Meopta Artemis 3000 3–9x42  
  Meopta Artemis 3000 4–12x40  
  Schmidt&Bender 10x42