AMERIGLO S&W CAP Green Tritium LimeGreenLumi Square Outline Front and LimeGreenLumi Line Rear Sights (SW-618)

Vendor: Ameriglo


  • Green tritium, luminescent green square outline front and painted line rear
  • LumiGreen paint will glow brightly for 10 minutes after light exposure
  • Paint bar on rear is horizontal under notch
  • Combative Application Pistol (CAP) Sight; a high visibility sight system designed for personal security situations
  • For Smith & Wesson M&P Shield
  • Not for S&W revolvers, C.O.R.E., or .22 Models
  • Black Finish
Make Smith & Wesson
Models M&P Shield
Front Tritium Green
Front Outline LumiGreen
Style CAP
Rear Paint Bar LumiGreen
Front (W), in .140"
Notch, in .165"