International Orders and its niche sites ship eligible and export compliant products worldwide. We consider orders that are placed to ship outside of the United States and orders placed to ship within the United States but placed with an international payment to be an international order.

Be advised that all international orders receive a special level of scrutiny due to fraud protection concerns as well as export regulation compliance reviews. Some of the domestic policies and special programs may not apply to international orders. Due to extra review time required, international orders typically take longer to process than domestic orders. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

Read more about the payment verification here.

Export Licensing

Certain products such as rifle scopes, optical sighting devices (red dot, holographic sights, and reflex) and laser sights destined for certain countries may require an export license from the United States Department of State or United States Department of Commerce.

Please click here to refer to the USDOC's Commerce Country Chart to determine if you will need an export license. However, for your convenience, we have listed the countries below that do not need a license or are eligible for an Strategic Trade Authorization (STA) License Exception. If you do not find the name of your country on the list, it means you would need an export license.

Canadian customers click here for country specific information.

No License Required

The countries listed below do not need an export license.






New Zealand










Czech Republic















United Kingdom

Eligible for STA License Exceptions

In accordance to the Strategic Trade Authorization (STA) License Exception, some items going to countries that would normally require an export license are now eligible to be shipped without an export license. If you live in one of the countries listed below, you may be eligible to receive your purchase without applying for an export license. However, you must complete an Ultimate Consignee Statement agreeing to the terms and conditions of the STA License Exception.

The following countries are eligible for STA License Exceptions.


South Korea





All Other Countries

If your country is not on either list above, then you will need to have an export license. The application processing time is typically 4-6 weeks but may be longer.

If you choose to apply for a license, we will complete all necessary paperwork on your behalf. However, in order to do so, we will need the following information from you.

  • Your full name
  • Complete address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Reason for purchase – personal or resale
  • Kind of use – hunting, personal defense, competitive shooting, or other (if other, please specify)

If you chose to proceed with the license application the following guidelines apply.

If your order is under $200 there is a NONREFUNDABLE $25 processing fee that must be paid prior to us completing the applications.

If your order is over $200, we require a 25% deposit towards your purchase. Once your license is received, then we will send a request for the remaining balance. When you place your order, we only pre-authorize the funds but do not charge you. Please read our Payment Information page for more information. However, this does not guarantee the items will be available once the license is received.

If you would like the items you ordered to be held in reserve and have availability when your license is received then you will need to pay a 50% deposit. In the case that products are on backorder at the time you place your order or have not yet been released by the manufacturer, the deposit holds your place on the reservation list (but doesn't guarantee the item will be available at the time the license is approved). We strongly advise you to pay the 50% reserve fee when ordering items that are on sale, discontinued, or are highly popular. Only in this case we can guarantee the item is available for immediate shipping once the license is approved.

If your license is not approved or for some reason you choose to not proceed with your order once your license is approved, we will deduct a $25 processing fee and refund the remainder of your deposit to you.

Your international order will not be shipped until we complete the same International Payment Verification and check desired product for export compliance. Once again, we reserve a full right to cancel your order if it does not meet our export guidelines and policy.

International Shipping

You should be able to see Shipping Quotes directly on our site for your specific international destination based on the parameters you enter and shipping options you choose. (You may contact us to check the approximate shipping charges or you may check the shipping cost on our website by adding the selected product(s) to the shopping cart and entering your city, postal (ZIP) code and country. The system will offer you shipping options available for you location and calculate shipping cost). 

You are solely responsible for any and all customs and brokerage fees, taxes and duties that may be assessed on your purchases by your home country. If you decide not to receive the item(s) purchased upon receipt by your country's customs and the item(s) are then shipped back to us – we reserve the right and you give us your full agreement on charging the cost of return freight and any applicable fees to your credit card.

International Payments

We accept most standard payment methods for purchases: most major credit and debit cards (as long as your bank is willing to confirm your identity and verify the card), Western Union, bank transfers, PayPal and others. If you have a specific payment method request that is not listed above – send us an email at

Orders Placed with an International Payment Method to be shipped within the United States will require two additional pieces of information- 1) the credit card verification mentioned above and 2) a signed export statement. Please see International Payments for complete information.
Remember, reserves the right to cancel your order if it does not meet our export guidelines and policy.

International Returns

As a general rule, we do not accept returns from international customers for credit (refund), but we will consider exchanges and substitutions on a case by case basis. In the case of a manufacturer's defect and warranty items, will assist in the exchange/repair but the customer is responsible for the cost of the shipping both to us for repair/exchange and to ship it back to the customer.

You may read more about our general policy on returns and exchanges by clicking here.

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