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We at are consumers too. We know that price is one of the most important components that result in a successful shopping experience. There is no greater feeling than purchasing premium products at the lowest possible prices. We all love a great deal and that is what we strive for with every customer purchase. is an Authorized USA Dealer and/or Distributor for the products we sell. Most manufacturers employ MAP Pricing (minimum advertised price) and we strictly follow these policies because we value our relationship with them. These relationships create special opportunities for us to offer YOU the best price on the occasions when manufacturers lift MAP pricing restrictions, discontinue models, offer special rebates or bundle products together to create even more unbeatable values.

Our goal is to create an easy and enjoyable shopping experience so you will continue to come back to shop with us again and again and become a member of our Weby Community of Shoppers, which not only allows each customer a valuable shopping opportunity, but also the opportunity to help improve the world around us - one purchase at a time – through our “One Click at a Time” program.

The following criteria are what we consider when utilizing the Best Price/Price Match Guarantee for a product:

  • The other internet retailer must be an authorized US Dealer
  • The item requested for price-match must be in stock
  • Shipping charges from dealer location to your desired destination must be included in the price that is being considered for matching
  • Item must be identical to the one offered on our site in all aspects, including color, style, year of manufacture, etc.

Finally, we must be able to verify all of the information provided in full. reserves the right, without limitations, to issue or deny any price match requests.

We believe in carrying most of our inventory items in-stock in our warehouse, providing live chat help, toll-free calling and email and client center support. We also offer a free ground shipping option, secure product packaging, safe online shopping, competitive return policy and access to a constantly growing array of products at an undeniable value.

* reserves the right, without limitations, to issue or deny any price match requests.

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